Annual Calendar

Annual Calendar

Guhya Mantrika Community Annual Calendar of Activities


Here you can download the 2018 Calendar with the main scheduled activities. Subsequently, information relating to each activity will be disclosed in this website, as well as in our newsletter and facebook pages. It is important to bear in mind that the Calendar may undergo changes by decision of the Lamas.

List of abbreviations on the Calendar:

CET - Pendê Ling Centre for Tibetans Studies in São João do Estoril, Lisbon

TPGL - Thubten Phuntsog Gephel Ling Retreat Centre in Santa Susana, Alcácer do Sal

Thubten Phuntsog Gephel Ling

Estrada Nacional 253 Herdade Corte Pereiro

7580-706 Santa Susana - Alcácer do Sal

Coord: 38.486402,-8.359611

CET Pendê Ling

Rua Fernando Assis Pacheco, 120

2765-316 São João do Estoril - Lisboa


Call: 26 510 21 62 / 91 213 93 53

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