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Individual Retreats

Individual Retreats

Individual Retreats

As part of a specific Spiritual Lineage and Tradtion, the Retreat Centre reserves its facilities for practices according to the instructions and programs laid down by our Lamas. Following for any practice a pre-established curriculum set, the retreat facilities are reserved only to the Sangha who is familiar with our practices and specifications, following the guidelines of our Masters.

It is mandatory to have permission to make an individual retreat and this is granted only on an individual basis and upon request. Generally taking into account a variety of factors, including the maturity, meditation practice of the individual and his experience in previous retreats, our Lamas are the ones responsible to grant authorization. The individual retreats are intended to practitioners with experience in Buddhist meditation and involve approximately 9 to 10 hours of meditation per day. The retreat program must be aproved by our Lamas, after an interview with the retreatant.


Any non-member of Guhya Mantrika Community interested in taking retreats in our Retreat Centre may also consult our Annual Calendar of Activities and register. Download: Annual Calendar​


In order to maintain the environment of the Retreat Centre, a contemplative attitude, we ask you to lead your conversation quietly and softly throughout the extent of Gephel Ling. Our meditation room (gompa) is often available outside the formal sessions, for people who want to spend their time in meditation. Check with the front desk or with those responsible for the practice in the day before to check availability. So that we can develop an environment of harmony, compassion and kindness to all beings and to preserve the pure energy of this sacred land, we ask our visitants to follow the guidelines of conduct throughout their stay at the Retreat Centre:


• Refrain from killing (including insects)

• Refrain from lying

• Refrain from stealing

• Refrain from sexual misconduct

• Refrain from the use of toxics: tobacco, alcohol and drugs


You can say in:

The 5 Elements Retreat Huts


Simple, alternative, comfortable and economic: The 5 Element Huts.

Reserved only for a context of group rereat or for Sangha members.


Exceptionally, within the context of a group retreat or for Sangha members, Thubten Phuntsog Gephel Ling also offers the possibility to stay in a tent. Have a more direct contact with nature...

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