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Regular Practices

Regular Online Practices

Regular Online Practices

In accordance with the current contingency plan, which seeks to contain the risk of contagion by COVID-19, we inform that the Guhya Mantrika Community suspends, during the recommended period, its public activities, namely, ceremonies, meditation rituals and classes.


Spiritual practices can be followed online at scheduled times and everyone is invited to participate, mainly due to the benefits and blessings they provide us, but also as protection against COVID-19 and dedicating merit to the recovery of those who were infected, as well as to the eradication disease. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.


Introduction to Meditation Class - Saturday 10 am

Shakyamuni Practice - Wednesday at 7 pm

Riwo Sangchö and Arya Tara Practice - Everyday at 8.30 am and Sunday at 10 am

Please email us to, mentioning which practices you intend to join in order to send you access data for each online session.

Although the practices are free, we remind you of the importance and merit of donations, with the minimum suggested € 5 per month. These will be used for candles, incense, and other practice materials.

Pujas and Sadhana Practices


Pujas and Sadhanas are sung meditations with visualisations, prayers, and mantras that embody the essence of the Vajrayana Buddhist Path. Pujas are a powerful method not only to purify our negative karma and disturbing emotions but also to accumulate merit, or spiritual richness, leading us towards realisation.


By evoking the blessings and the presence of the enlightened beings we dedicate these prayers, as well as the energy generated by the mantras and meditation to the cause of world peace, harmony, happiness, and enlightenment of all beings. With this compassionate attitude the participation in the Pujas and Sadhanas is highly beneficial.


Who can participate? Everyone with good-will! Although Pujas and Sadhanas are Vajrayana practices and require the practitioner to receive the due Empowerment, Transmission, and Instructions, the following Pujas are opened to the general public. Please, arrive 15 minutes earlier.


Special dedication: Anyone can offer a Puja to friends or relatives that are sick or ill, a deceased beloved, or to provide support for special needs. For further information, please, contact us at


Introduction to Meditation

It is the traditional meditation (zhiné/shamata), according to various techniques of Nyingma and Kagyü traditions. Being under the guidance of Lama Gyurme, it is suitable for both beginners, who want to have the first contact with meditation, or practitioners, who want to further develop their previous techniques. No prior knowledge, empowerment, or transmission is required.


Meditation is the art of making the latent and natural wisdom of consciousness flourish. It is used as a practical tool to transform destructive emotional patterns, to develop positive qualities, as wisdom and compassion, and to access the basic nature of pure consciousness mind. The practice of meditation nourishes and cultivates the Buddha Nature, the pure seed of perfection that exists in the heart of each sentient being. It has the power to transform selfish and conflicting actions into selfless generosity and compassion. When the instructions of the meditation of a genuine Lineage is diligently followed and put into practice, they can lead us to the full awakening..

"Chenrezig: the Buddha of Compassion" meditation practice


This is a wonderful opportunity to practice Chenrezig, a.k.a Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of compassion. In these sessions, we practice meditation and the recitation of the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM; and through this, we develop the qualities of love and compassion, which are actually our essential nature.

Anyone whose heart is infused with love and compassion, who deeply and sincerely acts for the benefit of the others without seeking fame, profit, status, or recognition, expresses the activity of Chenrezig. Whenever we are compassionate or feel love for someone or some animal, or by the natural world, we experience our natural connection with Chenrezig. Although we are not compassionate as consistently as the great masters of meditation, according to the Tibetan Buddhism, we all share, in our true nature, unconditional compassion and wisdom, and these are not different from those seen in Chenrezig and in those great masters.

We may find it somehow difficult to believe that we are not different from Chenrezig. However, by learning about the nature of compassion and a little more about Chenrezig, by repeating the Mantra OM MANI PADME HUNG and thinking that we would like to be Chenrezig, as well as by pretending that we are, in fact, exactly the same as Chenrezig, we become aware of the increasing compassion in our lives. Eventually, we completely awaken the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhas in us.

Orgyen Menla - “the Medicine Guru of Uddyana” meditation practice 


In these Orgyen Menla meditation sessions, under the guidance of Lama Gyurme, the participants are led throughout the practice and mantra recitation, which allows us to reach the two types of realisation - the common and the supreme ones - and to acquire the ability to activate Buddha’s healing activities for the benefit of all the sentient beings.


Orgyen Menla - the Medicine Guru of Uddyana, is the Guru Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) that appears in the aspect of the Medicine Buddha, or Bhaishajyaguru. Therefore, the practice of Orgyen Menla combines the blessings of Guru Rinpoche and the Medicine Buddha to heal the body, mind, and emotions.


The practice of Orgyen Menla is particularly efficient to pacify epidemics, as well as other illnesses, destructive forces of the imbalance of the four elements, suffering, and negative influences. It is also useful to increase the longevity and wisdom.


Buddhist Medicine teaches us that all the obstacles, internal, external, and subtle illnesses are the result of our state of existential confusion. The practice, meditation, and mantra recitation of Orgyen Menla are not limited to the healing of illnesses and suffering in a relative level, but most importantly it guides us towards the realisation of the supreme wisdom, i.e. the perfect enlightenment completely apart from suffering of the conditional existence.


We dedicate the positive energy that this practice creates to the benefit of all beings, in general, and especially to those in need, sick, or terminally ill.


This practice is especially important for doctors and therapists who want to improve both their diagnostic and treatment abilities to benefit the others, as well as for patients who want to speed up their process of self-healing.

"Buddha Shakyamuni" meditation practice

The Buddha Shakyamuni Puja is a source of powerful blessings and establishes a strong spiritual connection with the King of the Wise Men, the Precious and Kind Buddha. By recalling his past lives and biography, this Puja includes offerings, praises, mantra and pray recitations to the Supreme Master. For this meditative practice we follow the “Tubchok Djinlab Terdzo – The Blessings Treasure” sadhana of Mipham Rinpoche.

"Tukdrub Barchey Kunsel" meditation practice


One of the most powerful and magnificent spiritual practices of the Tibetan Buddhism of which the wonderful Master Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoché said: "Barchey Kunsel is the essence of the heart of the Realised Master Padmasambhava, who perceives the three times in their entirety. It is the fifth essence of a billion of sadhanas of Guru’s heart, the greatest Spiritual Treasure embedded in the land of Tibet.


This Guru’s Heart Practice that Eliminates All the Obstacles completely contains all the profound key points of the vision, meditation, and behaviour of the Three Inner Tantras Yogas. It is manifested from the secret treasure of the great wisdom, the vast realisation of the Second Buddha of Uddiyana, as the natural Vajra sound spontaneously existing in a perfect melody.


"Arya Tara" meditation practice


The Buddha Tara embodies the feminine principle of Enlightenment, the activity of the Wisdom from which all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are born. Thus, she is known as the Mother of all Buddhas. The Puja includes offerings and requests to the Mother Tara so that she can help us to overcome all the obstacles to our spiritual development, eradicate our fears and become successful in our Dharma practice.


Traditionally, before the practice, the participant should not eat meat, nor drink alcohol. Also, they should have taken a bath or a shower and should wear clean clothes. ​


We use the sadhana "The Heart of Two Accumulations - Mandala Offering Ritual, extracted by the Spiritual Treasure of the Profound Essence of Tara" by tertön Chokgyur Lingpa. Thubten Phuntsog Gephel Ling practitioners usually conduct Barchey Kunsel practice (see above) before this practice.


Prática meditativa de "Buda Shakyamuni"


O Puja de Buda Shakyamuni é uma fonte de poderosas bênçãos e estabelece uma fortíssima conexão espiritual com O Rei dos Sábios, o Precioso e Bondoso Buda. Este Puja envolve a prática de oferendas, louvores, mantra e preces ao Supremo Mestre; recordando as suas vidas anteriores e a sua biografia.


Segue-se a sadhana «Tubchok Djinlab Terdzo - O Tesouro de Bençãos» de Mipham Rinpoche.

"Ngondro of Dzogchen Longchen Nyingthig" meditation practice


Ngöndro Practices are the preliminary practices of Vajrayana Buddhism and Dzogchen. Ngöndro involves a number of profound purification, merit and wisdom accumulation practices. They have been wisely designed to comprehensively transform our whole being.


Ngöndro is the true essence of all the different Buddha teachings, from the fundamental Hinayana up to the sublime Dzogchen. This technique was condensed by the Tantric Great Master, Guru Padmasambhava, who organized it in such a way that any of the disciples can use each and every Buddha teaching, and put them into practice in order to discover the inner wisdom that discloses our true condition, the enlightenment.


Tibetan Great Yogis and Mahasiddhas said that although Ngöndro is called a “preliminary” practice, there is any other practice that is more profound. Many Great Masters from the past achieved enlightenment through this profound and secret path.


Therefore, Ngöndro is one of the Teachings that are available to us, full of blessings and enlightened power. Consequently, it is a practice that we should receive with joy, respect, and deep appreciation.

"Riwo Sangchö" meditation practice


Riwo Sangchö is a ritual that uses smoke from aromatic substances, enhanced with Mantras, to create a huge number of spiritual offerings to the Enlightened Beings, local deities, earth lords, and all the beings in samsara. The resultant positive energy drives away obstacles, increases the prosperity, the health, and harmonizes the environment. Consequently, a good amount of positive karma is accumulated, and karmic debts of the past are purified.

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