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Mindfulness Program

Our mind is our most precious possession; it is the mind that defines the quality of our life. The experience of happiness and suffering indeed depends on a balanced or imbalanced mind. Thus, since the mind is very powerful, the practice of Mindfulness and its teachers, i.e. those in whom we trust in training our minds, shouldn’t be chosen frivolously. While “transforming” our minds, the practice of Mindfulness causes also changes in our lives.

We invite you to know the work of Guhya Mantrika Mindfulness with which we aspire offering a new way of resuming our sane, peaceful and happy nature within all dimensions of our society. These include companies and public institutions, schools, house of corrections and prisons, hospitals and health care centres, old people’s homes and rehabilitation centres. Please visit our page at

What is mindfulness?


Mindfulness is the art of resting in our essential sanity, it is a naturally calm and satisfactory state. As a start we use simple methods that allow us to calm our mind in this natural state. The demanding lifestyles of modern society tend to distance us to this equilibrium and most of the times we are carried away by our emotions, habits and conditionings, leaving us tired, irritated and stresses in our daily lives.


Hence, mindfulness could be the antidote to this, as it allows us to develop natural peace and well-being, which can and should reflect all aspects of our daily life. Those who regularly meditate are able to better deal with the ups and downs of life, to deal easily and with more lucidity with daily challenges and to relate to others with compassion and warm-heartedness.


Essentially, Mindfulness is the simple practice of being present in every circumstance and at any time. Usually people think that meditating is the mere act of being seated, but this is only one aspect of Mindfulness methods. Instead, Mindfulness is a process of learning to live instant after instant with presence and awareness, regardless of what we are doing. Therefore, it can be applied to every aspect of our life. It is possible to meditatively walk, eat and even sleep. In this way, we live much longer as we enjoy every instant of life.


When we become skilled in Mindfulness, the mind rest steadily in its own natural state, and its innate qualities, such as wisdom and compassion, are revealed and manifested pervading all aspects of our life. We start to “see” and understand that things are not that solid and permanent as we thought they were, and that life is something much sweeter and smoother. From such understanding, it arises great joy and freedom, which makes us open completely towards others.

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