Resident Lama

Lama Gyurme

Resident Lama of Guhya Mantrika Community


Lama Gyurme was born in May 1968, or the Year of the Monkey or Year of the Guru Rinpoche, as Pedro Alexandre Paiva, in Portugal, within a middle-class family. He received a normal education, with emphasis on ethical values ​and social intervention in society. Philosophical, sociological, and artistic values were also part of his family life.


At a very early age, well before Lama Gyurme teenage years, he started getting interested in Dharma teachings after merely seeing a Buddha image. However, due to the situation of Tibetan Buddhism in the West, Lama Gyurme would only later be able to do his first serious studies on Tibetan Spiritual Tradition.

Currently, Lama Gyurme has over twenty years of study and practice of Dharma under the orientation of several Rinpoches and Lamas (Spiritual Masters) from the various spiritual traditions of Tibet.


Among his Lamas and Spiritual Friends, is Lama Urgyen Chökyi Dorje whose endless kindness allowed Lama Gyurme to receive countless instructions and empowerments, including the opportunity to receive these from Masters and Lineage holders while presenting him to Lamas and Rinpochés like Tulku Chökyi Nyingma Rinpoché, Kyabje Chokling Rinpoché, Kyabje Pema Kalsang Rinpoché, Kyabje Khoochen Rinpoché and Lingla Tulku Rinpoché.


We would also like to refer to the unsurpassable kindness and orientation of Tulku Sherab Dorje from whom Lama Gyurme has been receiving instructions, transmissions and empowerments and who graciously conceives him the possibility to receive the Dharma nectar from Masters like Tulku Hung Kar Dorje Rinpoché, Kyabje Garchen Rinpoché and Sangyum Kamala Rinpoché, the consort of Kyabje Chatral Rinpoché.


We cannot fail to mention the Lamas that kindly conceived him empowerments, transmissions and instructions like Ranyak Patrul Rinpoché, Lama Wangdor de Tsopema and Khenpo Negi. From Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoché he received many teachings and transmissions, having also received transmissions and permissions to practice from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and Geshe Yongdong Rinpoché.


From some of the masters of the “old school” and great Lineage holders Lama Gyurme has received precious empowerments and blessings that we cannot fail to mention: Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoché, Kyabje Koochen Rinpoché, Kyabje Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoché, Kyabje Pema Kalsang Rinpoché and Kyabje Garchen Rinpoché.


After many years of study and practicing Dharma, the then called Gyurme Ngondrup (Pedro Paiva) was encouraged by some of his masters and friends, mainly by Lama Urgyen Chökyi Dorje, Lingla Rinpoché and Tulku Dakpa Rinpoché, among others, to share his knowledge of this path of wisdom and compassion.


Lama Gyurme's presentation of the Buddha’s message is characterized by a direct, simple, clear, and humorous language, seeking above all the understanding of the Teachings in a practical way, neither dogmatic nor sectarian.


It was after several years of teaching and sharing the Buddha Teachings, and following a close relationship with Acharya Khenpo Negi, Master in the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages, that he was instructed to assume the functions of a Lama.


Before the assembly of the Sangha, Khenpo Negi has demanded that he used the title of Lama Gyurme in his Dharma activity. The matter was then brought to the attention of the Counselor and Spiritual Advisor of Guhya Mantrika Community, Lama Urgyen Chödor, who rejoiced in Khenpo’s decision and expressed his appreciation and agreement.


Guhya Mantrika Community thus has the very auspicious condition of having a resident Lama, able to express the Dharma Teachings in the Portuguese language, thus satisfying a curious aspiration of Geshe Kunchok Wöser, expressed in 2007, that Portugal would come to enjoy a Portuguese Lama, able to understand the national language, culture, and mentality to better communicate the message of Buddha.