Due to covid-19, all the facilities of Guhya Mantrika are for the moment closed to the public

Please visit our scheduled  online practices

Due to covid-19, all the facilities of Guhya Mantrika are for the moment closed to the public.

Please visit our scheduled  online practices and courses

Letter from Lama Gyurme to the Sangha and Friends of Guhya Mantrika Community


Dear and Precious Sangha and Friends of Guhya Mantrika Community,


It is in particular periods like this that it is vital for us practitioners remember the Three Jewels and the Three Roots; in particular our Root and Lineage Lamas, our Yidam and the Dharmapalas and Protectors and pray for all beings, with, and also for, a spacious and relaxed mind. It is important not to get caught up in fear and confusion like ordinary people, maintaining our slogan of 0% panic and 100% responsibility.


As practitioners, and as Vinaya teaches us, it is important to live in harmony with the principles of the society that we integrate and that is why it is important that we follow the advice of doctors and scientists and isolate ourselves, that we wash our hands frequently and do what they instruct us to do.


There is one point that I want to stress, which is the importance of maintaining social distance, despite the difficulties that this may entail. As practitioners of the Dharma of the Buddhas, we must, in the face of social and financial difficulties, practice patience and try to have a broad and spacious view of life and trust the Dharma and the power of applying Bodhichitta based on the Four Immeasurables.


As I mentioned in several previous messages, we must use this situation to cultivate Bodhicitta. We must daily renew our vows of refuge and Bodhisattva vows and restore our positive energy, do the practice of Tonglen and offer prayers and aspirational prayers with faith and compassion. As I have often mentioned, there are many stories of terrible illnesses that were instantly pacified by Bodhisattvas' compassionate prayers. I have also repeated many times, even before this pandemic, the importance of Guru Rinpoche's prophecies about this degenerate era and how essential it is to give the appropriate response according to his instructions. Now we can see for ourselves that we are living the period prophesied by the Precious Guru of Uddiyana.


The only solution to all the problems of this degeneration is to pray to the Three Jewels, to respect the law of karma by cultivating virtue and avoiding non-virtue, to cultivate Bodhicitta, and to practice according to the essential instructions of our Lamas. As I have been advising since the beginning of this situation, we can take the opportunity to make small personal retreats, simple, and according to our own ability, deepening our personal practice. And we can also participate in all the online practice sessions that the Guhya Mantrika Community offers.

We have suggested some small practices and prayers, in particular the Prayer for the Peoples of the Earth, written by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche. It is a very important prayer, with a lot of power and vital instructions for prayer to be realized. This prayer, as well as to conduct or activity in harmony with prayer, together with the creation of conducive circumstances can make a big difference in our lives.

Especially in this specific moment when we all recognize that the circumstances are very difficult, many people, companies, and organizations in all areas of society face serious difficulties, including financial ones. That is why I would like to draw your attention to how to prevent the Dharma Centers of our Guhya Mantrika Community from going through great financial difficulties and thus continue to serve the benefit of beings. 


As you know, Guhya Mantrika Community is usually supported mainly by donations from the Dana Program (patrons of the Dharma) and courses and activity programs carried out at our Centers. It will certainly be clear to everyone that we currently do not have some of the usual sources of income, and that it will be so as long as it is necessary to maintain social distance.


When we established the Dharma Centers of Guhya Mantrika Community, we started something extremely precious in our country and even outside Portugal, which has brought incredible benefit to the preservation and diffusion of Dharma and in this way to beings in general and in particular, giving a sense of life, support and spiritual development for many people internationally. Guhya Mantrika Community has been organizing events every year in our country, inviting important Lamas, organizing appointments, teachings, and practices. Throughout the year, we carry out retreats, Buddhist educational programs, and regular practices, available to all genuinely interested. We have collaborated with public and private organizations from different fields to collaborate in spreading a culture and methods that contribute to peace, health, and well-being in society in general.

I would like us to make an effort to understand something simple; the most difficult thing is to light the fire that cooks, feeds, and warms the family, then it is only necessary to maintain the fire and the heat. We can safely say that the Dharma campfire that nourishes and warms us has already been lit with the investment, work, and dedication of some, and it is our job to feed it with wood and keep it warm. Now is the time when we need to get together to collect some more firewood, for this precious Dharma campfire that we call Guhya Mantrika Community.

Of course, maintaining the campfire is also indispensable from a spiritual point of view, and that is why we continue to do the practices daily without failing a single day, while following in the most scrupulous way all the rules of social distance, even having the Retreat Center started the online practice of Pujas and Sadhanas so that people do not need to participate in person. As you know, we also offer the practice of Ngöndro, Chenrezig, Tara, and others online; in the near future we will transmit more activities, teachings, programs, and retreats. Stay informed and attentive.


So, at this point, it would be extremely kind and beneficial if anyone wants to make donations to help Guhya Mantrika Community, through the Dana Program (being a Jindak, Generous Patron of Dharma), participating in our programs and contributing by making offerings to Stupa Tashi Gomang, Jowo Buddha Shakyamuni and Guru Rinpoche, which includes lamps, candles, incense offerings, and Tsok offerings. These are spiritual precious jewels from Guhya Mantrika Community, an offering to our world, country, and region which, among other benefits, is particularly beneficial in protecting against epidemic diseases, wars, and other pernicious effects of this time of degeneration.

I firmly believe that you can understand and even envision that any donations to Guhya Mantrika Community, its work and activity, would be of great generosity, kindness, and especially beneficial in light of the current circumstances of the world. I know these are difficult times, but for this very reason, it is an extremely important moment to unite as Sangha and friends and offer our support to sustain the vision and activity of Dharma and the selfless work of our Lamas for the benefit of beings. Please keep the heat and fire of this great fire together, nurturing and nourishing all beings.

Any donations will be highly appreciated, regardless of the amount. In fact, even one euro will be appreciated, dedicated merit, and infinite benefit.

Contact us via info@guhyamantrika.org to find out how to collaborate and contribute.

Yours in Dharma,

Lama Gyurme