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Zangdok Palri

Zangdok Palri

Aspiration for Rebirth on the Ultimate Pure Land


"Padmasambhava is inseparable from the primordial nature.

His Buddha-field, the Glorious Copper-Coloured Mountain, is the purity of the personal experience.

May all beings be reborn in this Pure Land,

Which is the unfabricated natural state of the indivisibility of appearance and conscience."


Zandok Palri, the Glorious Copper-Coloured Mountain, is the Pure Land of Guru Rinpoche, the Second Buddha and the great tantric master who took Buddhism to Tibet.


The surroundings of Zangdok Palri are a majestic place of wisdom, power and blessings, where one can be reborn with the auspicious qualities for swift progress on the way to Enlightenment. The Zangdok Palri palace is rooted on an octogonal jewel and on a lotus blossom of one thousand petals, and it has four gates, four arches and eight columns. Its walls are built of precious substances of the four directions — crystal on the east, lapis lazuli on the South, ruby on the West and sapphire on the North.The palace has three levels: in the topmost level of Dharmakaya the Buddha Amitayus resides; four-armed Avalokiteshvara resides in the medium level of Samboghakaya; and the Guru Rinpoche resides in the lowest level of Nirmanakaya.


An Aspirative Prayer to Travel to the Realm of the Light of the Lotus

 by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo




The wisdom of the great indestructible tigle

Blazes on the limpid sky of the uncreated clear light,

And the unity of space and wisdom appears for all to see, like a rainbow,

Like the supreme, naturally emanated Realm of the Light of the Lotus.


In the vastness of rings of rainbow-coloured light, the direct realisation of Dharmata,

There rises the great palace, the increment of experience,

Where a host of dakas and dakinis dance, consciousness attaining its fullness,

Vajra dances and songs, the exhaustion of the phenomena beyond the mind.


The primordial Lord Amitabha reigns at its centre,

And the great treasure of compassion, Padmapani,

And in all three kayas embodied, the undying Tötreng Tsal,

With his eight prime emanations, and the others,

All manifest to tame the beings according to their abilities.


Here, in this gathering place of the great magic web

Of your endless manifestation of appearances and forms,

May I and all others, the ocean of sentient beings filling the space,

Be reborn in the same moment we depart this life.


Once there, may we take the special way of the four vidyadhara stages,

And may we speedily attain the level of the lake-born Guru,

Who embodies oceans of kayas and wisdom.

May we spontaneously achieve our benefit, and others!

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