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Description and Characteristics

Description and characteristics of this Temple


In accordance with the Old Tradition (Nyingma), this temple will have three floors. The ground floor holds the Nirmanakaya aspect, with the Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) and his twelve emanations. The first floor - the Samboghakaya level - will hold Avalokiteshvara; the uppermost floor - the Dharmakaya level - will hold Amitayus. The temple will hold also many representations of dakas, dakinis and dharmapalas.

According with the teachings of the Buddhas, there is in each of us a potential for perfection, an essence which is an endless source of wisdom and compassion. Thus, the Path of Liberation is the unveiling of this essential nature, which lays hidden beyond the emotional and cognitive veils. There are myriads of methods in the Dharma teachings to remind us of that nature — and one of those is the building of temples, their sacred architectures being a powerful inspiration.


And seeing that peace in the outer world is only possible if we create peace inside our own minds, holy spaces as the Temple are a powerful reminding of our own inner spiritual wealth. Thus, this building — a physical representation of the pure dimension of the Heavenly Palace of Guru Padmasambhava — will bring an immense benefit to the beings and to the Buddhadharma, both in this age of conflicts and to future generations.


The visit, pilgrimage and spiritual practice in such a place are an inner voyage to the incommensurable treasure which is the true nature of our minds. The Temple shall thus be a source of peace and harmony to Portugal and the world.

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