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The Benefits of Stupas


Purposes for the construction of a Stupa


It is said to exist ten traditional purposes to build a stupa:

1 - As a memorial of a Master

2 - As a reliquary to preserve the relics of realized human beings

3 - As a magnetizer of enlightenment energy

4 - To create the conditions for the rebirth of Masters

5 - To promote longevity

6 - To promote peace and harmony

7 - To promote/attracting prosperity

8 - To prevent invasion of armies

9 - To purify diseases, pests and physical and mental imbalances

10 - To help achieve Enlightenment


Benefits and Blessings from the Stupa


Every time we look at a stupa but also to images of the Buddhas and Scriptures, the seed of liberation and enlightenment is planted in us. But not only is this positive impression left on our mental continuum, it also purifies the mind, creating the conditions for us, in this life or in the next, to encounter the Dharma, accomplish the wisdom of listening, reflecting and meditating, walk all the stages of the path of Sutra and Tantra and realize our true nature, the state of Buddhahood.

Thus, we can say that the stupa has the power to affect our minds by leaving positive impressions, or prints and tendencies

Since everything that we see creates impressions on our minds, for example when we watch TV or spend hours on social networks on our computers; when we see a movie or go for a walk, and depending on how we look and see things, all this will leave a positive or negative impression in our minds; so there is no reason to wonder if a stupa will also do the same.

The fundamental difference is that a sacred object as a stupa leaves only positive impressions and unlimited benefits.

Thus, the purpose of constructing stupas is to benefit the life of all sentient beings; and all who see a stupa will receive benefits, among them:

- Purify the mind

- Accumulation of merit, or conditions conducive to happiness and success

- Will help to take care of infirmities of body and mind

- Among many others… as to help preserve the Mahayana


There are still many other benefits from practices related with stupas.


Kyabje Trulshig Rinpoche about the Benefits of Stupas

Characteristics of our Stupa


The stupa represents Buddha's holy mind, Dharmakaya, and each part of it shows the path to Enlightenment. Building a stupa is a very powerful way to purify negative karma and obscurations, and to accumulate extensive merit. In this way you can have realizations of the path to Enlightenment and be able to do perfect work to liberate suffering beings, who equal the sky, leading them to the peerless happiness of Enlightenment, which is the ultimate goal of our life.

The upper reliquary temple of our stupa, which is not be accessible, contains the full Kangyur (103 volumes of Sutra and Tantra) and Tengyur (216 volumes of Shastras) as well as relics and specially blessed objects.


The tower contains one thousand “tsatsa” representing each one hundred stupas; so one hundred thousand stupas, with earth of the sacred places of Buddhist pilgrimage.


This extraordinary Buddhist monument is a symbol of Buddhism taking roots in Western Europe. It is a major step in the establishment of Dharma and the preservation of its purity in the future. It will contribute to the preservation of the genuine, unspoiled Buddhist tradition, not only in Europe, but in the whole world.

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