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Pema Nyingtik

Pema Nyingthig, or the Essence of the Heart of Padmasambhava


This noble lineage of teachings, coming directly from the mind of Guru Rinpoche [Padmasambhava], has historically been received by outstanding masters and tertöns; in our times, and within our own lineage, Pema Nyingthing is the Lineage of Treasures of the Mahasiddha and tertön (His Holiness) Orgyen Kusum Lingpa, also known as Lama Sang among his disciples.


Orgyen Kusum Lingpa was a tertön and holder of the Nyingma lineage of Vajrayana Buddhism. His auspicious name means "Holder of the Sanctuary of the Trikaya of Oddiyana Padmasambhava".         


Among his previous incarnations are included the Indian Mahasiddha Drilbupa (Ganthapa) and Lhalung Palgyi Dorje, the heart disciple of Guru Rinpoche [Padmasambhava] in Tibet. Orgyen Kusum Lingpa also stated several times that he remembered his previous life as the master of crazy wisdom, Mahasiddha Kunleg, and enjoyed telling his feats at all times.

We are the only Buddhist centre in the old continent of Europe that holds, preserves and spreads this sublime lineage of this most exalted Lama.


Our resident teacher, Lama Gyurme, regularly teaches and leads practices in our centre from this noble lineage, namely:


      - Avalokiteśvara, the Great Compassionate (Tugje Chenpo) in the form of Don Yod Shakpa (Amoghapasa);

      - Guru Orgyen Menla, who is Guru Rinpoche inseparable from the Medicine Buddha;

      - Further practices of Guru Yoga, Phowa, and Ngöndro…


Guhya Mantrika Community keeps the impeccability of the connection with this lineage by receiving regular visits of the heart disciple of Lama Sang, Tulku Sherab Dorje, who is also the director of the Blazing Wisdom Institute in the state of New York, USA. We also keep the auspicious spiritual connection with Orgyen Kusum Lingpa’s monastery in Tibet, Lung Ngon Thubten Chokhorling, and with its abbey, the tertön’s son, Tulku Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, who has been recognised by outstanding Lamas like HH Orgyen Kusum Lingpa, HH Dodrupchen Rinpoche, HH Penor Rinpoche, Khenpo Akong, and, later, by HH the Dalai Lama, as a reincarnation of Do Khyentse Yeshe Dorje.

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