2020 Pilgrimage to Nepal

A unique opportunity to participate in a pilgrimage in the company of Lamas and Practitioners

where we can deepen the practice and learning of Tibetan Buddhism.


Dear Sangha and Friends of the Guhya Mantrika Community,


We are pleased to invite you to our most recent activity, the Pilgrimage to Nepal, occurring this 2020 year.


The Pilgrimage to sacred places filled with spiritual power has been since an important practice held within ancestral spiritual traditions as a form of connecting with the energy and power of sacred beings and realized practitioners who, in that places, manifested themselves or undertook their intense practice. There, they manifested their realization impregnating such parts of the planet with their presence.


Hence, our pilgrimage to Nepal, the cradle of Buddha Shakyamuni and one of the eight sacred places of Buddhism, is in itself an activity of great significance for all practitioners and those interested in Tibetan Buddhism.


Other spiritual reasons lead us to realize such journey to this country, where we will visit our Monastery in Kathmandu, the Ngedon Shedrüb Phuntsok Ling, and where we will have the opportunity to practice and receive Teachings in a traditional and sacred place.


This pilgrimage will also include a visit to the holy places of the Mandala of Vajrayogini, a feminine manifestation of Enlightenment and Yidam, or Meditative Deity, of the Sublime Tantric Yoga, by which many of the 84 Mahasiddhas, the enlightened Masters of the Vajarayana path, reached the perfect realization.


In addition, this exclusive journey to the heart of Vajrayana will include stopovers, instructions and practice in places blessed by the Practice of Mahasiddhas like, among others, Tilopa, Naropa, and Nagarjuna. A unique opportunity to participate in a pilgrimage in the company of Lamas and Practitioners where we can deepen the practice and learning of Tibetan Buddhism.

Activity program:

·        Days 1 and 2: Sacred places of Vajrayogini / Sacred places of Mahasiddhas

·         Days 3 and 4: Stupas of Great Masters

·         Day 5: Jamacho Peak (Nagarjuna Hill)

·         Days 6 and 7: Teachings with Lamas of the Shije Lineage

·         Days 8, 9, 10: Retreat and Teachings with Lama Gyurme


The travel pack includes:

·         Guided tour and Teachings in sacred places by Lama Gyurme

·         Private transfers within the guided tours according to the itinerary

·         Five nights in the Ngëdon Shedrub Phuntsok Ling Monastery

·         Five nights in a Bed & Breakfast located in Kathmandu city

·         Entrance fees to visiting sites

·         Full-board accommodation in the monastery during the three days retreat

·         Half-board accommodation (breakfast and lunch) in the following days

·         Donation to the Ngëdon Shedrub Phuntsok Ling Monastery

·         Donations to sacred places

·         Entrance ticket in Boudanath

Extras which are not included:

·         Two-way flight to Kathmandu

·         All expenses needed for unexpected reasons out of our control

·         Any other activity, not included in the list, that may occur during the journey

·         Entry visa to Nepal

·         Personal expenses


The journey will start in Kathmandu on a date to be set.


The pilgrimage travel package costs 1100€ excluding flights. Participants will be responsible of their own travelling to Kathmandu (average cost Lisbon-Kathmandu is 700€).


By participating to this Pilgrimage you will also contribute in supporting and preserving the Guhya Mantrika Community in Portugal, an extremely beneficial and meritorious activity on its own.


We are available for further elucidations and suggest to all those interested in more detailed information to contact us at info@guhyamantrika.com


The minimum number of participants is 7 and the maximum 10, so hurry up if you are interested and want to register!


Tashi Delek,


Guhya Mantrika Community

Thubten Phuntsog Gephel Ling

Estrada Nacional 253 Herdade Corte Pereiro

7580-706 Santa Susana - Alcácer do Sal

Coord: 38.486402,-8.359611

CET Pendê Ling

Rua Fernando Assis Pacheco, 120

2765-316 São João do Estoril - Lisboa

Email: info@guhyamantrika.org

Call: 26 510 21 62 / 91 213 93 53

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