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Pendê Ling

Centre for Tibetan Studies

Due to covid-19, all the facilities of Guhya Mantrika are for the moment closed to the public

Please visit our scheduled  online practices and courses

Welcome to Pendê Ling Centre for Tibetan Studies


The Pendê Ling Center for Tibetan Studies, an integral part of Guhya Mantrika Community, is a nonprofit organization destined to the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism. It is a simple and relaxing space in São João do Estoril, near Lisbon, that provides the opportunity of receiving the precious teachings and practices of the Tibetan tradition.

Our programs offer a unique opportunity to explore deeply the wisdom of this ancient tradition, obtain meditative practice and deepen your understanding of the Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha. The Center preserves and disseminates this ancient wisdom applied to today's world. In this modern and stressful society, CET Pendê Ling has a function, more important than ever, as a place for the study and practice of the profound and vast teachings of the Buddha, a space in which we can strengthen the wisdom and compassion to apply in the world.

Pendê Ling


This is the name that Lama Urgyen Chödor gently assigned to our spiritual core. Since his first visit, the Lama, has publicly mentioned the special qualities of our Centre. In one of his teachings, he mentioned that the spiritual influence of Pendê Ling feels as soon as we enter the street in which we stand, benefiting all beings indiscriminately. Stressing the fact that here we can bring numerous benefits to many people and generations through the sincere practice of Dharma.

Pendê Ling is thus a source of happiness and bliss. For this reason, the Lama gave us the name: Pendê Ling. That derives from "phan": temporal well-being and happiness. "bdé": beatitude, ecstasy and ultimate spiritual happiness. And "gling": local, sanctuary, monastery... Thus, Pendê Ling is the Shrine of Happiness (temporal) and Beatitude (ultimate). A site that provides us with the means to achieve relative happiness and beatitude of timeless realization.

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