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As part of a specific Spiritual Lineage and Tradtion, the Thubten Phuntsog Gephel Ling Retreat Centre reserves its facilities for practices according to the instructions and programs laid down by our Lamas. The individual retreats are intended to practitioners with experience in Buddhist meditation and involve approximately 9 to 10 hours of meditation per day. Therefore, and following for any practice a pre-established curriculum set, the retreat facilities are reserved only to the Sangha who is familiar with our practices and specifications, following the guidelines of our Masters.

Of course for those genuinely interested in our lineage and instruction we offer many other possibilities in our programs throughout the year with several instruction and practice retreats . Thus, any person interested in doing retreats in Gephel Ling can consult our Annual Calendar of Activities and register.

Alternatively, as a parallel activity to support the Retreat Center, we have our program of local/tourist accommodation, the Buddha Peaceful Oasis, in which the person concerned can take advantage of a special package of Meditation and Yoga, or only one of the disciplines. This package, in addition to the payment for the room, will have a price that remunerates the instructor. This is not a retreat, but rather a Mindfulness/Yoga service that we offer to our customers.














For anyone who is curious and interested in practicing meditation, seeks to deepen his knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism, is looking for "tools" to learn how to deal in a more salutary way with the problems of daily life, or simply looking for a place to relax for some time and enjoy the inner peace in the tranquility of our retreat center, surrounded by nature and isolated from the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life, we offer you the opportunity to get out of the norm and enjoy a stay of great value. Whoever uses our accommodation can count on a peaceful and cozy stay, different from an ordinary stay at a typical hotel establishment.

Guests should note that the service will be provided in an informal context, different from the usual professional services existent in typical hotel establishments, and therefore will have to comply with some provisions that are mandatory to follow in a retreat center:

Do not kill

Do not steal

Do not lie

Do not have sexual misconduct

Do not take intoxicants


You can stay in: 

The Main House (service includes breakfast)

Where you can enjoy the beauty and comfort of our suites:


       - Utpala Suite (blue suite photos)

                  - € 50 per night 


     - Lotus Suite (orange suite photos)

                  - € 50 per night 


       - Utpala room (blue room photos)

                  - € 30 per night in single bed (shared room)


     - Lotus room (orange room photos)

                  - € 30 per night in single bed (shared room)

Thubten Phuntsog Gephel Ling

Estrada Nacional 253 Herdade Corte Pereiro

7580-706 Santa Susana - Alcácer do Sal

Coord: 38.486402,-8.359611

CET Pendê Ling

Rua Fernando Assis Pacheco, 120

2765-316 São João do Estoril - Lisboa

Email: info@guhyamantrika.org

Call: 26 510 21 62 / 91 213 93 53

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Your donation contributes to the preservation of the retreat center and monastery, the monastic and ngakpa community and to the development of our projects. You can make your donation by bank transfer, paypal or you can contact us if you wish to donate in another way.